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Blue Skies and Yellow Fields


Our experienced psychologists offer evidence-based therapy for various mental health issues including depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, TBI, ADD, ADHD, OCD, autism, phobias caregiver burden and bipolar disorders. We are also specialized in aging care. We employ therapy approaches such as DBT, CBT, and mindfulness to help you to face your life and respond to situations appropriately.

Skill Training

We also provide training in specific skills such as mindfulness and DBT necessary for managing our daily life stresses and mental health challenges. We offer specialized training sessions focused on these skills.  We also offer training to family members of those with an illness that impacts function. 


Dr. Abhilash is a well trained psychologist with research articles in peer-reviewed journals. She uses established neuropsychological assessment approaches and software modalities to evaluate brain /executive /cognitive functioning which identifies mental health issues.  She also provides comprehensive evaluations of aging-associated mental health issues

Aging with grace @healwellmind

We have a comprehensive aging management program, aging with grace @healwellmind, to take control of one' well-being, which includes cognitive testing and cognitive retraining. For more information, please visit aging with grace@healwellmind


We also offer various groups in the following, caregiving burden, trauma, ADHD, and skill training. We expect that group enhances the care and enables the participant to see the challenges their peers face. Moreover, the group also provides emotional support and shares different ideas to manage problems. Importantly, all benefits of a social setting to manage a mental health problem are provided under the supervision of our experienced therapist

Culturally Informed /Neurodiversity affirming therapy

We provide interventions to immigrants for acculturation and provide competence in Asian culture and racial diversity. Our therapy is also based on neurodiversity, which refers to the diversity of all people, especially people with ASD, learning disabilities, and ADHD.


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